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How to get organized with Help desk. 06-Feb-2017 6:13 am Posted by: Vista Support

Help desk software enables you to solve issues faster and efficiently. With help desk software you can organize your customer support efforts. When you use a ticketing software like Vista helpdesk, you don't have to dig through the emails to get to the bottom of any issue or to check the status of any incident. Even your Clients' contact info is well managed in help desk software. Everything you need to provide customer satisfaction is available when you use a dedicated help desk software to track support tickets from your users/clients.

A helpdesk system automizes the issue resolution workflow and keeps everyone in the know via email alerts. All the information related to issue is kept centralized though permissions can be given to help desk users by admin. This way everything is centralized yet user role segregation is achieved when your agents are supporting customers/clients.

With help desk software:

  • You can prioritize important tasks to support clients.
  • Review Reports on what work was done on any incident.
  • Have all the communication with client streamlined instead of clumsy emails.
  • Escalate any problem to other agents of help desk with Forwarding ticket feature.
  • Quick check ticket status, incident priority, assign tickets to agents.
  • Answer your clients' most asked questions with FAQs on self-service portal.
  • Build community of users/clients with Community forums.


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