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Introduction to Dashboard 13-May-2017 12:48 am Posted by: Vista Support

The main page after you login as an Admin/Agent in your account is the Dashboard/Home page. You will be able to see the full summary of the tickets here.

This page is split up into three portions as Header Menu, Left Navigation Menu and Dashboard.

Header Menu

The header menu will help you navigate through the application with some functionalities.

Alerts (Bell icon): Click on the notification icon to view all the new incoming alerts for the portal.

Add: On clicking it allows you to create New Ticket, Client, Company, etc. as shown in the drop down.

Advanced search: The advanced search will allow you to search tickets based on various fields.

User profile: It shows the details of the logged in User. Click to view following:

  • Profile Picture: It shows the picture you have selected for your profile.
  • My Account: It shows the profile details of the logged in User.
  • Login as Agent: This option available only to Admin allows you to login as one of the Agent.
  • Logout: Click to Sign out of your account.

Left Navigation Menu:

In the left navigation menu of your Dashboard page, you are able to view all the options. You can even click on the pin to keep the left navigation menu open all the time.

Dashboard: On clicking on the Dashboard you will be redirected to the page that will give you an overall summary of your portal.

Tickets: You can view your Ticket module on clicking the Tickets.

Resources: You can add/view list of FAQs and Articles from the Resources module.

Community: On clicking this you will be taken to Community Forums and its Topics.

Clients: Click on the drawer to land in Client module to check client listing.

Reports: Check out the reports for your tickets and agents working with it.

Settings: Manage different module settings from the Settings Module.

Knowledgebase: Clicking on this you will be taken to the knowledge base of the support panel to view the help for that particular page.

Support: Get complete help regarding the application here in our Support panel.

Dashboard Overview:

Trace all the ticket summary and recent activities of the tickets.

Ticket Status: There is 6 Ticket Status to summarize tickets. Click on any parameter; for example, Open to see all the Tickets with Status as Open.

  1. New: This refers to the New and unassigned tickets. The tickets with a blue colored icon are referred as New tickets. By clicking on this you will move to New tickets listing.
  2. Open: This is the default status of the tickets. The tickets with a green colored icon are referred as Open tickets. Clicking this opens Open tickets listing.
  3. Pending: The tickets with this status are pending to reply either from the agent or client-side. The tickets with sunshade colored icon are referred as Pending tickets. Clicking this opens Pending tickets listing.
  4. Resolved: The ticket with this status are resolved from agent side. The tickets with a teal colored icon are referred as Resolved tickets. Clicking this opens Resolved tickets listing.
  5. Closed: The ticket with this status are closed with client confirmation. The tickets with a silver colored icon are referred as Closed tickets. Clicking this opens Closed tickets listing.
  6. Spam: The ticket with this status are marked as Spam due to malicious data. The tickets with a crimson colored icon are referred as Spam tickets. Clicking this opens Spam tickets listing.

Recent Activities: Vista Helpdesk has synced across all your devices be it from Web Application or Mobile Apps. All the important activity on tickets will be displayed in real time. For e.g. If a new ticket is created, its requester and ticket ID will be shown in Recent Activities. You can click the Ticket ID to be redirected to the ticket detail page.

Ticket Summary: You can see a bar chart to visualize the Ticket Statistics. Hover over the sliced parameter to know the percentage of the ticket by their status.

New Tickets: In the New Tickets section, you see all the new and unassigned tickets. It updates in real time and shows the important details of tickets i.e. Requester name, Ticket Subject, ticket ID, Agent, Priority, Created time. Click on any Ticket Subject to be redirected to the ticket detail page.

To-Do Task List: Use this feature to quickly jot down tasks. Add up a task in the text box and press Enter to Save it. Click the checkbox of the completed task and To do list will display unfinished task first.

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