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Pick up & Assign Tickets 15-May-2017 8:37 am Posted by: Vista Support

  • Pick up Tickets

          Check out the steps below to pick up tickets:

  1. You can Pick up single or multiple tickets with this operation.
  2. Choose the desired number of ticket(s) you wish to assign to yourself.
  3. Click Pick up button from the Bulk operation Menu.
  4. Click OK button from the opened dialogue box.
  5. All those tickets will be assigned to you thereafter.
  • Assign Tickets

          Check out the steps below to assign tickets to agents:

  1. Assign ticket(s) to other agents with this operation.
  2. Select ticket(s) you want to assign to another agents.
  3. Click the Assign Button from the Bulk operation Menu.
  4. Choose the name of the agent from the opened dialogue box and click the Assign button.
  5. Ticket(s) will be assigned to that agent.
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