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Spam & Delete Tickets 15-May-2017 11:48 pm Posted by: Vista Support

You can mark tickets as spam or delete tickets anytime. This way you can remove the unwanted tickets from the agent's ticket listing.

To mark a ticket as spam or to delete a ticket, click on the more button in the left submenu on the ticket detail page.

Or else you can also select multiple tickets that you want to delete or mark as spam on the ticket listing page and choosing the appropriate operation from the bulk operations menu.

When you mark a ticket as spam the ticket will be moved to the Spam folder. While the deleted ticket will be moved to the Trash folder.

From the Spam/ Trash folder you can restore or delete forever the single or multiple tickets anytime.

You can either empty the Spam/Trash folder manually or else after 30 days Vista Helpdesk will automatically delete the tickets from the Spam/ Trash folder.

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