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The ticket module is bifurcated into three fragments: Ticket listing, Left View Menu and Bulk Operations.

Ticket listings: All the tickets received in Tickets Module are listed here. The new ticket is always defaults listed on the top. You can view each ticket with ticket properties like Status, Priority, ID, Subject etc. Click on any Ticket Subject to view its details from the Ticket listing and respond to it.

Left View Menu: Select an appropriate view under the My Tickets option. And the listing as per chosen the view.

My Tickets:
  • My Open: This is the default view of the Ticket Module showing all open tickets.
  • My Pending: This view of the Ticket Module reflects all pending tickets.
  • Unresolved Tickets: This view of the ticket module shows tickets that are not yet to be resolved.
  • All Tickets: This view of the ticket module shows all the tickets received by the ticket module.
  • My Group (Open): This view of the ticket module refers to the ticket list of open tickets of the groups of the user.
  • Spam: This view of the ticket module reflects the ticket marked as spam by the admin/agent.
  • Trash: This view of the ticket module reflects the tickets deleted by the admin/agent.
  • Starred: This view of the ticket module refers the tickets marked as a favorite by the admin/agent.

Filter Tickets: This is the normal filter list used to filter ticket list according to your choice. You can filter ticket by its properties like Agent, Department, Status, Priority, Type and Client.

Bulk Operations: The bulk actions can be executed on single or multiple ticket(s) for actions like Pickup, Assign, Close, Merge, etc. Initially, the buttons are inactive on selecting the tickets the buttons will get activated. (Check here details of the bulk operations.)

  • Pick Up: This allows the user to pick up the ticket(s) which will, in turn, get assigned to the user itself.
  • Assign: This allows the user to assign the ticket(s) single or multiple tickets to the desired agents.
  • Close: This allows the user to close single or multiple ticket(s).
  • Merge: Use this option to merge multiple tickets and make it all on one ticket. (Check here how to Merge multiple tickets to a single Ticket.)
  • Bulk Actions: This allows the user to change the ticket properties of the multiple and reply them all together.
  • Spam: This allows the user to spam single or multiple ticket(s).
  • Delete: This allows the user to delete single or multiple ticket(s).
  • Export: This allows users to export tickets to CSV or Excel format.

Add New: An admin or agent can add a new ticket on behalf of the requester (client).

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