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Breadcrumb helps to navigate through the particular module.

Alert bell: It shows the alerts for the replies or comments received on the particular ticket.

Star ratings: It depicts the ratings given by the Client based on the response of the Agents.

Activities Toggle: The toggle button for the Activities in the Ticket detail page shows complete log of all the activities done on that ticket. Admin can handle Agents view for particular Ticket by setting ticket activities toggle button OFF.

Ticket detail

You can see ticket's description along with the requester details, ticket status, priority, assigned to available agent or department, etc. When you click the requester name, you get redirected to the client profile.

Sub Left Menu

Following are the some options that will be available on Sub Left Menu in each ticket detail page:

  • Reply: This option on top of the left menu is used for replying to the ticket. Replies are always displayed below the ticket description. There are two types of replies: Admin/Agent reply & Client reply.
  • Admin/Agent Reply: Admin or Agent is able to reply to the ticket. They can even Forward and Delete the reply sent by them.
  • Client Reply: It is the reply received from the Client on the particular ticket. Admin/Agent can split the reply thread to a new ticket. (Check here how to split reply thread to a New Ticket.)
  • Forward: This option besides the Reply button is used to forward the ticket.

Note: This option besides the Forward button is used to add the note related to the ticket. Basically there are two types of Notes:

  1. Notes for Staff: If "Note Visible to Customer?" toggle button is OFF then the note will be displayed for the ticket to the selected agents.
  2. Notes visible to Client: While if the toggle button is ON then the note will be visible to the Client as well.

More: Click on this drop down list of extra options gets open.

  • Edit: This option allows to Update Ticket Details.
  • Delete: This option allows to Delete the Ticket.
  • Mark as Spam: This option allows the user to mark the ticket as Spam.
  • Export as PDF: This option allows the user to export ticket with its details in pdf format.
  • Client Info: Requester ie Client details are reflected under this including Name, Email ID and Phone Number. When you click the Name you will be redirected to the client profile.
  • Time tracked: Click on Add Time to add time tracked for the ticket. Add notes while adding the time.
  • Ticket Properties: Here you can revise or view the properties of the ticket which is generated by the client or agent.
  • To do: Add some Tasks related to the ticket which will be visible to the agents.
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