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Ticket Fields

Ticket Fields constructs the Ticket Form in which your end-customers have to provide the data.

You can change the order of the Default ticket fields by drag and drop action.

Edit Ticket Fields

You can only edit the Default ticket fields and cannot delete them. To edit the default field, click the Pencil icon on the ticket field.

You will see a Pop up screen with Properties. You can change the behavior of this Ticket Property and choose if you want to display the fields to customer portal or not. Click the checkboxes as per your requirement.

To change the Label (Text of the Field), enter the text in Label textbox.

Click Done to save the changes.

Add new Ticket Fields

Click Settings → Custom Ticket Fields.

Add new ticket field by clicking the type of Ticket field.

For e.g. Let's create new dropdown field for ticket form. Click Dropdown icon.

You can see a Pop up screen with Properties. Create the behavior of this field by selecting checkboxes for Agent and Customers.

Enter the name for the dropdown field in Label Text box.

Now click Add item (+ ) to add options under this dropdown.

You can remove the options by clicking (-) red dash icon.

Reorder the dropdown options as per your wish.

After performing all the steps, click Done to add this Ticket field in Ticket form.

Delete the Ticket Field

You cannot delete the default field. To delete the ticket fields other than default, go to Ticket Fields from Settings → Custom Ticket Fields.

Click the Trash icon on the ticket field. Press Ok to confirm. That's it.

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