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Add new Agent

You can add new Agent from the Agent List view.

To view Agent List, Click Settings → Agents.

Click Add New.

Fill the required Agent Detail. Name and Email id are mandatory fields. You may enter additional details for Agents such as Phone no., Address, Time zone and Profile Pic.

You can assign Agent role from User role dropdown.

Also, add this agent into Departments from Departments dropdown.

Click Save to add this Agent to your helpdesk.

Search Agents

Click Settings →Agents.

You can see a Search bar above Agents List. Write Agent's name or Email address and click Go to get filtered agent name.

Edit/Delete Agents
Edit Agent details

Click Settings → Agents.

Click the pencil icon under Action to Edit Agent Details.

Update the Agent details and Click Save. Agent details will be updated.

Delete Agent

Click Settings → Agents.

Click the Trash icon under Action. Press Yes to confirm. Agent will be deleted from your helpdesk.

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